These are some very compelling videos highlighting the need for legal change.

The laws and calculation methods of all forms of support are horribly unjust.

Please share your specific spousal support situation; how it has impacted your family, home, children, employment, relationships, emotional and financial health, and your ability to lead a normal life.  We must expose these horror stories,

and the impacts of

"broad judicial discretion"

(leaving it up to the Judge) to highlight the need for change.

Although statistically most alimony payers are male, alimony injustice is not a gender issue.

Please disregard gender implications or presumptions.

Although it's entirely proper to legally grant divorce without assigning fault, it is NOT fair or reasonable to impose spousal support without considering who breached contract.

In Ohio, breaching a marital contract does not impact spousal support. This enables

unfaithful spouses to receive windfalls after

abandoning marriage for unsavory reasons such as lust, greed, and spite.  Jilted providers then bear even more pain and injustice; sentenced for long terms to the financial obligations of marriage and decimation of their living standard, with no marital benefits.

There's little downside for recipients - except the "risk" of losing their privatized Welfare if they remarry or "cohabit".  So go figure!  Many recipients simply continue illegitimate relationships keeping account separate, while fully force funded by their ex spouse.

They don't "legally" remarry, to avoid ending the unjust fleecing of their ex spouse.​

Other than "case law"references, there's no guidance or established rules for weighting

the nebulous factors judges ostensibly consider when setting support amounts.

That ambiguity enables vastly inconsistent and unpredictable alimony outcomes, forced by the state to support a capable adult who  voluntarily leaves marriage without cause.  Forcing a person to involuntarily spend many years of their life working for another, for no remuneration, and no crime committed is both wrong AND unconstitutional.

 Voluntary marital termination, especially if  a receiving spouse is at fault, should rightfully be be considered when determining if a spouse deserves post divorce support.   is an Organization of Active Ohio Voters  Aimed at

Updating Ohio "Spousal Support" Statutes to:

1) Preserve the Viability and Logic of Legal Marriage.

2) Promote Family Peace and Well Being for All Parties Following Divorce.

3) Establish Consistent, Predictable, Appropriate Spousal Support Amounts and Duration.

4) Enable Marital Parties to Remain Whole after Divorce;  Able to Rebuild, Have Hope, and Eventually Retire.

5) Include and Weight the Factors that are Fair, Complete, and Unambiguous as Guidance in Establishing Spousal Support.

Betrayal, divorce, custody battles, losing homes and assets, and health issues are already devastating.

Adding insult to injury, state-imposed long-term alimony delivers a spiritual death blow.

High Time for

Ohio Alimony


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(If this is true, laws

should encourage MARITAL FIDELITY.

<  . . . Not force a

loyal spouse to pay one who breaches a LEGAL marriage contract.)

 Especially after long-term marriages, divorced providers often end up with enormous open-ended "lifetime" alimony sentences with no finality, making it difficult or impossible to start over or retire.

This creates hopelessness  and desperation that can be spiritually fatal.  causing many providers to give up, flee, lose homes, become hermits,

or commit suicide during a time that SHOULD be serene, having already worked most of adulthood to support a family and spouse.

Current spousal support laws create powerful disincentives for either party to remarry.

​I was once happily married too.

​​Alimony (labeled "spousal support" in Ohio) Statutes are Obsolete, Incomplete, and Vague.  Divorcees are Subject to Unpredictable "Judicial Discretion" as to How Laws May be Interpreted.

With some Inroads in Other States,

​Timing is Correct to Build onto the Foundation of Their Success.

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Ohio Alimony Reform (O.A.R.)

Alimony/Spousal Support Laws in Ohio are Unclear and Unpredictable as to  Amounts and Durations,  Awarded at the Full Discretion of Domestic Judges, and Often Financially Imprison and Indenture Faithful Providers Until Bankrupt, Physically Jailed, or Dead.

Easy for HIM to say!!!  I'm the one with no pants!

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These injustices are what alimony (called spousal support in Ohio) legally enables and therefore promotes!!

Current laws neither discourage nor mitigate marital breaches such as abandonment, infidelity, abuse, and greed.

There ARE a few cases where a period of reasonable and FINITE support is legitimate and appropriate, such as:

reimbursement for contributions to a provider's education, rehabilitative job training, and 

provider indiscretions; such as infidelity, abandonment, physical domestic violence, and health issues.

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Encourage the survival of legal marriage by helping discourage the profitability of divorce.

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U.S. Divorce Rates in America are Roughly 50%

Millions of People are Impacted Every Year by Divorce Laws.

The Imbalances and Obsolete Rules are Lately in the National Spotlight.

We Need Your Life Impact Testimonials, to Help Reveal the Unintended Consequences of Today's Laws to Legislators and Representatives.  Published Videos and Media Releases Will Show What Routinely

Happens  to Good People.

Proposed revisions and rationale are in the"Probs and Fixes"Tab. 

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​​"Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act

became law on September 26, 2011"

When you LEGALLY marry someone, you also marry Ohio.
But when in love, who studies divorce laws? . . . Or believes their marriage could ever fail?