Ohio Alimony Reform (O.A.R.)



The mental pain of unjust alimony or child alienation is akin to physical pain.

Others can't see it.  Many have not experienced it, so are unaware and aloof.

And those who have, CAN'T fix it due to depression and financial destruction.

So payers often completely give up, suffer emotional disorders, and die in poverty.

In the case of alimony, many predators directly and indirectly benefit from the divorce industry.  They DO NOT WANT the system corrected!

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Until these injustices are corrected,

legal marriage is financially and emotionally unsafe.

     Hugely disturbing preventable financial injustices happen routinely to faithful spouses, providers, and parents following the termination of long-term marriages here in the U.S.  Nearly everything once meaningful to a person can legally vanish in a single court order, setting up financial disaster and poverty to a person who did or tried to do everything right for a spouse and family.  Presently in Ohio, extensive long-term financial punishment and separation from marital children are too often the ironic "reward" for being a reliable family provider.  Being abandoned after a lifetime of marital providing is already a devastating and unplanned life tragedy; not a criminal act.  But the the additional punishment comprises long-term financial imprisonment by our Ohio domestic courts far worse than most criminal sanctions.  Frankly, physical jailing, at least with a termination date, would be far more merciful than imposing a protracted financial hardship, which can indenture a person and destroy their very spirit.

      No court or law can prevent a relationship disaster.  But domestic courts have great discretionary power to ensure fair outcomes, and with that comes the crucial responsibility not to exacerbate injustice and divorce trauma.  It's vital in achieving just outcomes to construct plans that don't destroy people who are already financially and emotionally damaged by a divorce split. Ordering a jilted marital partner to support an able-bodied person who abandons and violates the terms of a marriage contract is woefully wrong.

      Paradoxically, under Ohio laws, the better a spouse financially provided a posh lifestyle for a partner while married, the worse their financial punishment level and duration!  Just when retirement with a long-time partner may be imminent, a "dependent" spouse can, without cause or consequence and despite cheating, abandon marriage for another partner, legally abscond half the marital assets and many years of future income, preempt a payer's retirement, and decimate children's college funds.  Invisible to bystanders, the mental and financial damage is more devastating than a home completely burning to the ground.  Many facets of life are adversely impacted by divorce;  relationships, business operations, residence, personal income, assets, and children.  Losses are often gargantuan, protracted, essentially "uninsured", involve marital children, and are quite sadly inflicted by a once-trusted partner.  Poor laws, careless or biased judgments, and the conniving tactics of unscrupulous attorneys often contribute.

      Under Ohio law (or lack thereof), abandoning spouses are often REWARDED for misbehavior; able to essentially retire or work only part time, while a jilted provider gets saddled with a long or indefinite burden of supporting an ex and a paramour, who have NO obligations whatsoever. Essentially, an employed spouse can end up with a greater financial outflow to a former spouse than when married, yet with their own lifestyle devoid of ANY marital benefits; nothing even resembling the lifestyle to which "THE PROVIDER was accustomed" and had earned.  Supporting two separate households is far more expensive than one, and particularly aggravating if marital children spend half their time with an unsavory step parent or paramour who leaches off the divorced provider.  This is far beyond unjust.  Those not suffering or experiencing this level of injustice, especially the desensitized judges/magistrates who are played every day by attorneys, can't possibly imagine the level of anger and despair their decisions create.  Yet they are the only ones who could correct the injustice.

      These events often leave long-term providers severely traumatized and in bondage; highly stressed and trapped; unable to retire or switch from a high pressure job due to threats of jail for support nonpayment.  Now single providers are sometimes barred from seeing their children via unsavory tactics, or cannot effectively parent due to excessive work obligations, and perhaps face foreclosure and/or bankruptcy that threatens having a viable home for children. Yet, a departing supported spouse can be easily surreptitiously assisted by a new partner/paramour to prevent termination of compulsory spousal support, and also receive child support far beyond what's truly needed for the children, with no regulation of the use of those funds for the children's benefit, and no recipient obligation to self-support to reduce a payer's imposed "obligation".  "Cohabitation" with a paramour, which by all rights should terminate spousal support, at first blush would seem easy to prove.  But in fact it's nearly impossible to convince courts to recognize, and easily refuted, especially if the courts don't want to see it.  Laws don't clearly define cohabitation, and courts can refuse to recognize or hear relevant evidence.

      As a legal tactic, attorneys frequently advise their clients to accuse an opposing partner of abuse or "domestic violence", despite no genuine violence ever truly occurring.  A common maneuver is to attempt expulsion of a provider from their own home to create child custody advantage.  "Innocent until proven guilty" is a myth.  Courts default to what is "safest" for petitioners, and least risky to a judge's career.  It's why so many providers give up or become "bitter" and traumatized.  THERE'S GOOD REASON!  The current domestic system is dysfunctional at best, enabling the destruction of innocent lives while rewarding the dishonest.

      On the other hand, an objective of O.A.R. is to ensure any new laws don't adversely impact legitimate recipients, while correcting the named problems.  Indeed there are many faithful and honorable spouses who legitimately DO need AND deserve support; did nothing wrong, postponed careers, suffered infidelity or severe abuse, or a spouse's addictions.  Some providers cheat and/or abandon their spouse and families too. Bad behavior is not limited to recipients.  The following statute revisions, or refinements of them, would help reduce the described injustice; presuming trial courts adhere to the rules and statutes to abate greed, misbehavior and unjust outcomes.