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About OhioAlimonyReform.org

An Organization of Active Ohio Voters Dedicated to Updating Ohio Alimony Statutes to:

1) Preserve the Viability and Logic of Legal Marriage.
2) Promote Family Peace and Well Being Following Divorce, via Fairness.
3) Establish Consistent, Predictable, and Reasonable Alimony Amounts and Duration.
4) Enable Parties to Remain Whole after a Divorce;  Able to Rebuild, Have Hope, and Eventually Retire.
5) Outline and Weight the Factors that are Fair, Feasible, Complete, and Unambiguous in Establishing Spousal Support.

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Ohio Alimony Reform (O.A.R.)

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Overarching Precepts We Promote:

1. Divorce statutes should reflect principles that are fair, morally sound, and consistent.

2. Statutes and formulas should mitigate abuse of the system, with consequences.

3. Current Ohio Statutes are severely lacking in these respects. 


  • Partners entering legal marriage must be aware of post-divorce obligations, able to choose among options, and must identify non-marital (separate) property prior to wedding.
  • Retirement-aged divorcees must not be forced to support another able adult.
  • Thought no-fault divorce is appropriate,  default alimony is not.
  • Alimony, if imposed, must include a fair sunset (end) date; to prevent eternal bondage.
  • To discourage marital misbehavior, spousal support must not be awarded to ​a petitioning spouse who breaches a marital contract via a pattern of any of the following:

         1.   Non-condoned and proven adultery or emotional involvement with an extramarital

              partner, regardless of gender or preference.

         2.  Substantial extramarital financial support, regardless of the source

         3.  Chronic criminal neglect of a spouse, which harms physical or emotional health

         4.  Domestic violence convictions during the marriage involving actual physical violence

         5.  Chronic and documented criminal substance abuse or addiction

         6.  Chronic, significant, and documented financial infidelity with an extramarital partner

         7.  Substantial hiding, secreting, or stealing of marital assets

         8.  Abandonment of marriage, absent specific legal misbehavior by the other partner

         9.  Financial misconduct or irresponsibility, such as serious levels of gambling or 

              extravagant spending patterns that unreasonably impedes marital family support.

  • Paramours and new spouses must not be benefactors of compulsory spousal support.
  • "Gold digging" and greed must be discouraged, not rewarded.
  • Spousal support must be predictably calculable and consistent within each jurisdiction.
  • Statutes must provide clear guidance for judges, to minimize need for "judicial discretion".
  • Unhealthy or disabled partners must not be forced to support able and healthy ex-partners.
  • Ex partners with unearned financial hardship must not be forced to pay people who are not.​
  • Supported divorcees must provide proof they are training/working toward self-sufficiency.
  • Spousal support terms must not be established by unsustainable near-retirement income.
  • Partners who fall into ill-health during marriage must not be financially abandoned by a spouse who is healthy, able, and has income that was established during marriage.
  • Spousal support must be legally differentiated from, and subordinated to child support.
  • Increased work obligations due to mandatory spousal support, must not preempt parenting.
  • Spousal support must not issue by default, but via petition and proof of valid need & reason.
  • Spousal support, unlike child support, must be extinguishable via payer bankruptcy, and it's nonpayment not criminally punishable.
  • Social security, disability payments, government aid, and already-divided qualified retirement and pension accounts must be excluded from compulsory spousal support, and not deemed as income for the purposes of support "calculations" or consideration.
  • Second marriage spouse income must not increase or extend support obligations of a payer.
  • Divorce must not be flippant, done for convenience, profit, or to punish a partner.  Absent malice or bodily harm by the other spouse, a state-recognized divorce that may award alimony should require a substantial waiting period, counseling, mediation, and investigation, and full discovery of relevant facts.